October 25, 2016
5 Black-Owned Breweries You Should Know About
Black Frog Brewery of Toldeo, Ohio
U.S. Army veteran Chris Harris took a leap of faith in 2014 by launching the Black Frog Brewery, one of the first minority-owned breweries to open in Toledo. The microbrewery produces a line of craft beers, which include a fan favorite cream ale called Cream of the Frog and an India Pale Ale called Flying Frog, created in honor of Harris' father. Black Frog Brewery beer is sold at several locations around Toledo, including Anderson's, Monnette's Market and Joseph's Beverage Center. Website:
Cajun Fire Brewing Company of New Orleans, LA
The Cajun Fire Brewing Company was founded on Halloween night 2011 by co-founders Jon Renthrope and Adam Dawson. According to their website, the duo was looking to bring a breath of fresh air to the festival capital of the world (New Orleans) by infusing the heritage of African-American, Creole and Houma Indians into a craft beer that was as equally unique as the city. The start-up microbrewery currently sells its beer locally at festivals in and around New Orleans. Website:

Cajun Fire Brewing Company of New Orleans AFRICAN-AMERICAN OWNED MICRO BREWERYBorn in Louisiana and raised in New Orleans East, Cajun Fire Brewing Company is deep rooted into the local community. Co-Founders Jon Renthrope and Adam Dawson sought to bring change to the festival capital of the world, New Orleans, LA. with Cajun Fire Brewing Company. Founded on Halloween 2011, Cajun Fire is a craft brewery in planning with plans to open a 20 BBL brewing facility and much more.

We Support Culture Everywhere and Drink Local Anywhere! Cajun Fire brewing looks to add innovation to an untapped market of the Greater New Orleans area by having unique takes on traditional styles of beer and adding much needed diversification to the option of craft beers available in the United States.

Cajun Fire isn't just your ordinary brewery with heritage stemming from African-American, Creole to Houma Indians…Cajun Fire, much like New Orleans, is a true melting pot of culture.
HARLEM Brewing Company of HARLEM, NY
Shaw University graduate Celeste Beatty started her beer-making business in the confines of her Harlem apartment. Beginning with five-gallon batches of craft beer each day, the Harlem Brewing Company has since grown into a popular beverage line sold at various stores in the New York City area. The Harlem beer recently hit the shelves of 39 local New York Walmarts in February of this year, Atlanta Black Star reports. The line pays homage to African-American heritage and culture with beverage names like Sugar Hill Golden Ale, Harlem Renaissance Wit, and Strawberry Hard Cider.
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